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Do you have a piece of furniture at home that could use a little sprucing up? Why not bring it back to life by covering or upholstering it again for a good dose of freshness and comfort…

This change of look can be achieved in a variety of upholstered furniture such as dining room chairs and office chairs; sofas and armchairs; headboards, kitchen benches, lounge chairs, footrests, benches, etc. Remember to renew them periodically to maintain their functionality and comfort!

Reuse is fashionable for several reasons. First, because furniture, like many other small everyday objects, has a story to tell. They make us feel like we have a home that we like, that looks like us, and most of all, a home full of memories. However, it is normal that over time, some pieces of furniture cease to harmonize well with the decor. Because our tastes change, because we need something new, because trends change too.

To this end, new trends in interior design have been suggesting for several years now that furniture can be reused to update its style, and thus create unique spaces in the home without having to spend a fortune. Vintage furniture is very popular, needless to say!

In short, we are often asked about the advantages of recycling one piece of furniture rather than buying another. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why upholstery is a good option.

Sustainable consumption

Giving furniture a second chance instead of throwing it away is part of our responsibility to the environment. It’s a small thing that has a big impact on sustainable development. The manufacture of fabrics, obtained from non-polluting processes, is also another contribution that adds more value to our decision to remodel a piece of furniture. If you opt for this option, find out more about how the upholstery and covering will be done.

Decorating trend

The renewal of furniture is a trend that has been going on for several years in interior design. Designers propose to recover furniture by combining it with modern accessories. The result: a comfortable, functional and unique interior.

Exclusive furniture

Today, while furniture production is massive, a recycled piece of furniture will become more unique; there is little chance of finding a similar piece of furniture when you go to dinner at your new friend’s house! This is another reason why it is better to keep a piece of furniture than to throw it out on the street.

Stylish furniture

By upholstering and covering your furniture, you can choose the fabric, its texture and even sometimes change the design (structure, shape, etc.) to create your favourite combination. Your little magic touch will give your furniture a personalized look. The patterns of upholstery fabrics are so varied! Lines, flowers, retros, neutral tones, just like your wackier tones. You will undoubtedly find the look you want. While a choice of neutral colours will bring elegance and sobriety to your living room, upholstery fabrics with floral prints will add colour, sunshine and a natural ambiance to any space in the house.

Family heritage

And sometimes old furniture is also a family heirloom. Your great-uncle’s couch, your grandmother’s rocking chair. We all have a piece of family furniture that perpetuates the memory of a very special person. To preserve it in the long term, the best thing to do is to upholster it with a resistant fabric that will already give it a slightly more modern style. And perfect for many years to come!

Economical cost

Saving money is also one of the reasons why upholstering furniture can sometimes be considered. And the money saved can be invested in other parts of the house to complete the design and decoration!

When you decide to upholster your furniture, you should also consider changing what is damaged. If the foam, upholstery or seat structure is in poor condition, you should change it to add the desired quality to the furniture. This way, your investment will have a much greater added value.

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