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Your roof needs a little cleaning, but you don’t want to scale it? Whether you have vertigo or it does not allow it, you should not leave the maintenance of your roof aside. If it is poorly stored, debris can accumulate, moss proliferate and all this can lead to damage.

So, to keep a roof in good condition and avoid infiltration problems, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning . To do this, no need to climb, our outdoor cleaning experts present you 5 solutions for how to clean a roof without climbing on it .

Why wash your roof regularly and why do it without climbing on it?

The roof of a house is weather-tested and experiences wind, rain, snow and sun throughout the year. Over time, dead leaves and other organic debris can build up, moss can also set in, and it can be bad for your roof . All these external aggressions will cause a poorly maintained roof to be damaged until it loses its insulating function .

So that your roof remains a rampart and continues to protect you, it is necessary to maintain it and this begins with cleaning. You will thus avoid much greater expenses to repair your roof. Especially since a clean roof is always more pleasant to look at, just like the facade of a house, so there is also an aesthetic interest .

Nevertheless, the roof of a house is not initially intended to be mounted on it, mainly when one is not a professional. Sometimes even the configuration of the house makes the task simply impossible. The roof covering can be slippery , especially when it is dirty and has lots of leaves. Some tiles can even break when damaged and no one is safe from an accident, even when equipped. Moreover, for economic reasons, going up on your roof implies having the right equipment and therefore buying or renting it, which represents a cost.

What are the 5 solutions to clean a roof without climbing on it?

Cleaning your roof yourself without having to climb it is quite doable and it is sometimes no more complicated than playing the stuntman, here are 5 solutions to explore .

The high-pressure cleaner sprays a very powerful jet of water that loosens deeply encrusted dirt . It is a very good tool for cleaning a dirty roof and to use it, it is not necessarily necessary to climb on its roof. On the market, there are extensions or telescopic lances which allow it to be extended between 4 and 10 meters depending on the desired height.

On the other hand, this model does not connect directly to the karcher K4,   K5 and K7 . This telescopic pipe connects to an M22 IG thread . If you have another connector or thread, you will need an adapter.

Also, you have to be careful, because the force of the jet can damage your roof , especially if it is tile or slate. In particular clay tiles can become porous and break. It must therefore be used at a good distance and with an appropriate level of power. It is also recommended to run the water from top to bottom , which can be problematic if you are cleaning from the floor. Depending on the shape of your roof, the operation may become complicated, so you may have to get up high or call in the professionals .

Use a brush with a telescopic handle

You can also clean your roof by hand. In this case, it will be necessary to bring a brush mounted on a telescopic lance . You will need to moisten the surface first, then apply a special roofing cleaner and scrub. Then, you will still have to rinse to remove the residue. To do this, the sprayer remains a good solution. This type of cleaning works well to remove dirt stuck to the roof, provided you go gently and carefully so as not to damage the coating of your roof. It also requires a lot of strength and patience.

Use a long-range sprayer

Long-range sprayers are particularly effective for cleaning a roof. They deliver strong jet power that sprays water long distances. In addition, they often have a telescopic lance that allows you to go even further. You can add a cleaning product to the tank for even more effective washing. Use special products for the roof like an antifungal against fungi, an anti-moss product or a water-repellent product to better waterproof it. For example, you can use an electric sprayer such as the Powerjet 2 , capable of spraying 10 meters high.

This electric sprayer is suitable for a very wide range of uses. It can also be used to clean a wall , take off wallpaper, spray a water-repellent product after cleaning a tiled terrace , etc.

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