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To equip and decorate your interior, you need aesthetic and functional furniture. Depending on the style of decoration and your requirements, you have the choice between different materials. However, of all the materials available on the market, wood is the one commonly found in homes. And for good reason ! This noble and natural material offers many advantages. In addition, if you are a DIY ace, you can decide to make some of your furniture on your own. Discover in this article everything you need to know to make wood your best ally in the house.

The advantages of wooden furniture

The first advantage of wooden furniture is its original aesthetics. Indeed, wooden furniture has everything to seduce. Solid and durable, they are noble and fit perfectly into any room of the house: the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the dining room, etc. Wherever these pieces of furniture are found, they will bring their touch to create a warm, modern, Scandinavian, etc. atmosphere. It is also important to note that each wooden piece of furniture is authentic, with a natural luster. This furniture can therefore help to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere .

Then, wooden furniture enhances comfort in the rooms of the house, especially in the bedroom. Wood is an excellent sound and heat insulator. As a result, it contributes to thermal comfort in summer and winter.

If you want to create a Scandinavian atmosphere in your bedroom, choose furniture with traditional lines. On the other hand, if you want a modern atmosphere, you will have to opt for furniture with a more sought-after design. . Apart from the centerpiece of the bedroom, the bed, which should be made of wood, make sure that other pieces of furniture such as the dressing table, dressing table or overbed table are also made of wood and have the same style as the bed. frame of your bed. This will optimize the design in the room.

Finally, it should be noted that it is possible to make wooden furniture from recycled material . Indeed, if you are a handyman and you care about preserving the environment, recycled wood furniture will probably interest you. Currently, it is the recycling of pallets and wooden crates that is very trendy.

With these elements, you can make practical and design storage, shelves, a coffee table, a bed, etc. All you have to do is assemble these elements well and optimize their external appearance by waxing, cleaning and varnishing to restore their shine.

Opting for melamine furniture: what’s the point?

As we mentioned earlier, you can make your wooden furniture on your own. All you need is the right raw material, the right tools, knowing the steps to follow and having the ability to do it.

Before talking to you about the steps to take before making your furniture, we think it is useful to inform you about the type of wood that you can use for this operation. Today, melamine has invaded interiors and is used for the construction of many pieces of furniture.

For information, melamine is a particle board, 18 to 19 millimeters thick, on which a decorative paper covered with a melamine resin is hot glued. It is this resin that makes this material more waterproof and solid. It is also a product that strongly resembles laminate .

To make a table for example, you can use a made-to-measure melamine panel after selecting the finish, appearance and color of the material. On the market, you have the choice between matt, glossy or satin melamine, an aspect or structured and plain or decorative colors.

What makes this wood one of the most used materials for the manufacture of interior furniture is its affordable price. Effectively, the production cost of melamine is lower than that of laminate. It therefore makes it possible to build furniture without spending a whole fortune.

Moreover, it is easy to maintain. To clean it, you just have to use a sponge, a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth. You do not need to use abrasive products or strippers for the maintenance of melamine surfaces .

Finally, melamine is resistant. It can be used for making all types of furniture. This material is very strong and very resistant to breakage.

How to make your wooden furniture?

For the manufacture of your wooden furniture, you must draw the shape of the element you want to build and determine the steps to follow for the assembly of the different parts.

However, to obtain the various parts of your furniture , it will be necessary to cut the wood. You have two options for this: entrust this task to a cutting company, especially if you do not have the necessary equipment, or obtain the equipment required to cut the wood on your own.

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