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I first heard this word a few months ago and thought to myself… How can a trend be timeless? This is contradictory since normally, a trend lasts one or two seasons. ⁠

But what the trainer explained to us is that the timeless look that we have known for the past 20 years is about to change completely. The typical white kitchen, with a sober white and gray look, subway tiles on the backsplash and concrete effect tiles on the floor… We are going to see less and less of them. ⁠ And yes, I know you’re not ready to hear this! On the other hand, as an interior designer, it is my duty to be aware of trends and thus be able to properly advise my clients. A trend remains a trend and in the end, it is the customer who decides what he likes and what he wants to have as a style of kitchen so I respect that and our team of interior designers adapts to every customer! This blog is here to inspire you!

So in fact, the new timeless will slowly take shape over the coming years, interiors are making a big comeback to natural colors and trends. Chocolate brown and warm colors have already started to be more and more present in the last year. It’s really a big change in interior design that we are about to experience! In this article, I gather the kitchen trends for 2023. I have done meticulous research as usual and stayed on the lookout for international exhibitions and fairs. I discovered some wonderful new products!!

Also, I remind you that my article on kitchen trends for 2022 is still relevant. Many of the trends I told you about will continue in the coming years.

1st kitchen trend 2023: the veinage pattern

In recent years in interior design, the popular pattern was white and gray natural marble with delicate veining. This year, the trend is for bold veining, we are returning to very natural, raw and visually charged materials. Interior designers use the grain pattern in kitchens at countertop, island, backsplash or floor level. My advice as an interior designer if you want to join the veining trend: choose a pattern with colors you love and make this element the WOW touch of your kitchen design. For example, you could apply granite on 3 sides of your island as well as on the kitchen backsplash. In this case, for the rest of the kitchen, choose sober and plain colors that complement the pattern. Ideally in the design of a kitchen with a pronounced grain pattern, other grain materials are not added.

As for the most popular grain pattern colors for 2023 kitchens, they are derivatives of green, creams, black, and hits of brown and orange-brown. It’s a whole process to find the right pattern and the right stone for your kitchen counter, do not hesitate to ask an interior designer for advice, she can introduce you to the best Quebec and Canadian companies specializing in this field.

2nd kitchen trend of 2023: stone backs plashes

You have certainly started to see in a few kitchen designs from Studio McGee, beautiful rough stone or uneven brick kitchen backsplashes! Me, I love it… I’m conquered by this design which gives a lot of character to a kitchen! The question that always comes up, though, is about maintenance, whether it’s easy to clean. Indeed, it can be scary to have a mortar kitchen wall with porous stones. You should know that there are sealers that will act like a varnish, but that will not change the visual appearance of the stone. This is an essential detail in order to be able to properly maintain your stone backsplash in a kitchen. Otherwise, my other idea as an interior designer:choose a smooth backsplash like a quartz behind the oven and apply the stone backsplash on the other walls, it can make a very nice look!

3rd kitchen trend of 2023: fluted ceramic

We have seen the wooden drum take up more and more space in interior design, both in kitchens and in certain specific designs in the home. This fluted pattern will be available in all materials and objects! We already see influencers using trendy fluted glasses on Instagram! It is now the turn of ceramics to appropriate fluting! This pattern is very interesting because it is still subtle, but very stylish. It’s the kind of little signature detail that interior designers love. As I often say, it’s easy to design a beautiful kitchen design, but when it has been designed and thought out by an interior designer… there are always small details that make all the difference and create the wow effect much sought after.

If you want to use a fluted ceramic pattern for your kitchen, I suggest you use it wisely and mix it with plain tiles to avoid it being too visually intense.

4th kitchen trends for 2023: heritage kitchens

The kitchen style that will be the most popular in 2023 is not the farmhouse kitchen, nor the classic kitchen, nor the Californian kitchen, but the heritage kitchen! It’s definitely my new favorite style, although it’s really hard for an interior designer to choose a particular style! This is why in our company we work on all the different styles of kitchen, modern, classic, mid century, etc. The heritage kitchen is defined as a mix of rustic, century-old and English country inspirations! She wants to be a completely new new kitchen, but with the charm of yesteryear. The materials used to create this effect are wooden or checkerboard floors as well as brick or stone backsplashes.

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