choose a shower tray

Type of installation, shapes, dimensions, materials, the choice of shower tray is essential to your comfort and well-being in the bathroom. All the advice of our experts to select the tray 100% adapted to your needs.

Difference between resin tray and acrylic tray

Resin and acrylic are key materials for the design of shower trays. Each defends its own strong points and suffers from disadvantages. Our experts decipher them for you to better differentiate them! How long to install a shower tray

Planning the bathroom fittings is essential. One of the timings to know is the time required for the installation of a shower tray. But the deadlines differ depending on the type of installation. Our experts will enlighten you to avoid delay extensions!

Redo a bathroom with a walk-in shower

Many people dream of a walk-in shower in their bathroom. How to go about it ? What are the technical constraints? What alternatives in renovation? Our experts support you!

Shower cubicle or extra flat shower tray on wooden floor

The floor arouses desires! It gives an undeniable charm to a bathroom! However, it is important to choose well and ensure flawless sealing of the shower! The advice of our experts to achieve this!

Bathroom shower with step

Have you thought about taking a step in the shower? It can be an alternative that facilitates the work and reduces the cost of installing the shower. Advantages, disadvantages and decoration ideas right here!

Furnishing a small bathroom can be a real headache! Everything must be done to guarantee comfort, practicality and convenience. The shower is a good way to save space in a small bathroom. Our experts explain how you should go about it!

Vanity unit for small bathroom

Well chosen, a sink cabinet saves space in a cramped bathroom. Opting for a space-saving washbasin cabinet, putting an option on the drawers are tips among many others that we invite you to discover!

What’s in the bathroom

Are you renovating your bathroom? And you stumble over the equipment and accessories that your well space must be equipped with? Don’t panic, here are our bathroom essentials!

What you find in a bathroom

Certain elements are recurring in all bathrooms! Nothing should be forgotten to ensure comfort, practicality and design! To avoid omissions, our experts list the essential elements to find in a bathroom.

Shower tray to be tiled, extra flat tray, free-standing or built-in… the choice is tough as there are so many shower tray solutions! Materials, dimensions, weight…our experts will help you select the right shower tray!

How to choose your shower tray to be tiled

You have finally made up your mind! You have opted for an Italian shower with a tiled shower tray. And you made the right choice! This is the guarantee of a unique and atypical walk-in shower! But first, it is important to choose the tray to be tiled! Our advice to achieve this!

How to put a shower tray on the floor

Laying a shower tray on the floor reduces masonry costs! However, this is not always possible! And the result is not necessarily up to expectations. To avoid mistakes, follow the advice of our experts.

Installing a shower tray during renovation

Renovating a bathroom brings its share of technical constraints. It is important to know them before starting work. Batinea accompanies you in this enterprise strewn with pitfalls!

What support for a shower tray

You have opted for the quick, easy and economical installation of a raised tray. This installation therefore involves raising the shower tray on a base. Masonry support or with adjustable feet, discover the solutions available to you.

Floor-level shower tray

Would you like to have a walk-in shower? Why not opt ​​for a walk-in shower tray? Extra flat tray or tiled tray are reliable alternatives to the built-in Italian shower. Advantages, disadvantages and installation, here are the keys to a shower with a flush floor tray.

The different types of shower tray

There are so many shower trays that you don’t know where to turn? The choice is tough! And what is true for your bathroom will not necessarily be true for your neighbor.

Do you think that bathrooms that lack space are necessarily uncomfortable, impractical and unsightly? Error ! Our experts prove to you that with a judicious layout, a small bathroom has nothing to envy to a large one!

Shower tray for small space

Your bathroom is cramped and too narrow and you don’t know how to arrange it? Stop twisting your mind! Our experts give you their advice for choosing a shower tray in a small bathroom.

Renovate your bathroom on the cheap

You have many projects for your bathroom! But the money is in danger of running out. No problem ! All the tips and decoration ideas to redo a bathroom without breaking the bank!

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