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So that your roof can fulfill its protective and aesthetic role permanently and so that it can last longer, it is good to carry out its maintenance regularly. Through quality cleaning and moss removal operations , all dust, bird droppings, weeds, moss, lichens, fungi, etc. must be removed. However, it is still necessary to know the right moment to carry out the operation. When is the best time to clean your roof  ? Latouche couverture, yvelines roofer advises you.

But, as a general rule, you should clean your roof:

Do not wait for it to be covered with moss and all the dirt to intervene. Cleaning, at least once or twice a year , keeps the roof of your house in perfect condition.

Once in early spring to check if winter has left any damage. Indeed, this is the perfect time for demossing.

For effective cleaning, avoid rainy days. Do this in dry weather so that rainwater cannot wash away all the treatments to be deposited during maintenance.

Also choose the weather without wind and heat wave to be able to carry out the work in good conditions and to prevent the maintenance products to be applied from evaporating and disappearing like smoke, without having had any effect, because of the heat or wind.

Roof maintenance: the necessary work

Manual cleaning which consists of using a stiff brush. You can easily remove all dirt, even in some hard-to-reach areas (corners and crannies). Rinsing will be done from the top to the bottom of the roof. Be careful, however, not to clog the pipes with foam residue.

To get rid of stubborn moss and stains, it is effective. It allows, among other things, a quick and thorough cleaning of all the elements of the roof (projections, ventilations, covers, openings, fixings, valleys, gutters, etc.). You only have to proceed with delicacy since the powerful pressure can damage your tile or slate roof.

Here, you don’t have to walk on the roof, but to make the operation a success, it is always strongly recommended to have recourse to the know-how of a professional. Contact Latouche Coverage . Reactive, its team responds to your request as soon as possible.

Moss removal

Once your roof has been thoroughly cleaned, moss removal is the other essential maintenance step. It consists of applying treatments to overcome mosses and lichens and prevent their reappearance, at least for a long time.

As algaecides, fungicides and anti-foam products, opt for those that are organic , environmentally friendly and not harmful to your health, such as warm water with a mixture of citric acid, baking soda and vegetable oil, for example. Avoid the use of bleach or chlorine which may damage the coating of your roof in the long term.

Copper wires are also effective in controlling moss. In contact with rainwater or snow, the copper will dissolve and cause a chemical reaction generating copper sulphate. It is this sulphate of copper that vegetation does not support. If the wires are well installed on your roof, no moss and lichen can then grow, effectively protecting your roof.

Also, don’t forget to waterproof your roof at the end of the moss removal, in order to make it more resistant to bad weather and humidity and to make it last longer.

You can choose between 2 water-repellent products:

Film-forming water repellent: like a paint, it covers your roof and forms a protective film over the roofing material and reduces its porosity.

Water repellent with beading effect: this water-repellent treatment does not cover the roof, but soaks into the interior, and transmits its water-repellent properties to it. It is more durable than film-forming water repellent and has the advantage of letting your roof breathe.

Inspection and repair

In addition to these works, the maintenance of your roof is a great opportunity to check its general condition and quickly carry out small repairs, cleaning and demossing before the deteriorations turn into infiltrations, leaks, permeability of the insulation. … Which could certainly lead to major renovations of the gutters, or even of the entire roof!

Roof maintenance: for safe moss removal

But, in fact, nothing beats the intervention of a professional in the field. Latouche couverture is your ideal service provider. Well equipped, its roofers will be able to carry out the tasks in good conditions, whatever the constraints of your site. Do not hesitate to contact them to benefit from their know-how.

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