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Working on the style of your kitchen means giving an identity to this room, but also to the rest of the house when it comes to an open kitchen. It is therefore essential to determine the style of your kitchen before the work and to take into account your desires as well as your habits. From immaculate white to bright colours, including the choice of splashback and furniture… Each kitchen has its own style!

A classic style kitchen

Do you dream in front of beautiful pictures of kitchens? Notice to lovers of traditional cuisine: white remains the preferred touch to enjoy a bright and pleasant space . The classic kitchen is defined as an elegant and functional room, a friendly place in the house where the family meets to share a meal.

What style for my kitchen?

A simple layout and a light decoration are enough to dress the interior where white dominates. If the decoration varies according to your choices and your tastes, there are nevertheless some basic elements that have proven their worth.

Here are several:

A round table to facilitate discussions during meals and promote conviviality;

A large worktop in stone or wood;

Furniture with glass fronts to show the dishes;

Shell-shaped furniture handles to give a vintage look to the furniture;

Choosing a designer kitchen

Do you want a designer kitchen in your home, with a resolutely contemporary decoration ? These styles find their place perfectly in kitchens.

The modern kitchen

Straight lines, geometric shapes, smooth fronts and glossy finishes perfectly illustrate the modern style. White and black are essential in the kitchen to perfect the refined aesthetic. Modern kitchens combine chic design and practicality, with decor reduced to the essentials: microwave, crockery, cooking utensils, spice set. The modern kitchen being built around neutral tones, it will go very well with colorful decorative elements!

The minimalist kitchen

This is the style of kitchen that has been on the rise in recent months: the minimalist kitchen invites itself to both apartments and houses. The household appliances are integrated so that the furniture follows a perfectly continuous line which brings this design side to the room. Often open to the rest of the house, the minimalist kitchen is self-sufficient. If you are a lover of the beautiful line, there is no doubt that the minimalist kitchen is made for you!

Kitchens with mismatched furniture

For a style with a more original design, dare the mismatched kitchen: its decoration is based on a mix of styles that breaks with the monotony of classic kitchens .

Say goodbye to uniformity! To create a kitchen with an atypical decor like on Pinterest photos, here are some tips:

Use a variety of materials such as colored cement tiles on the splashback and wood on the worktop;

The English style for charming kitchens

Are you envious of photos of welcoming kitchens reminiscent of English cottages? The English decor is distinguished by the omnipresence of white and soft lines. The kitchen must be practical, organized and pleasant, to live convivial moments.

The rustic kitchen

A key piece in a country house, the rustic kitchen is warm, soothing and friendly. Pine furniture, wooden floors, exposed beams, stone countertops and wrought iron chandeliers all go well together. Choose warm colors (brown, orange, yellow).

The spirit of Provence

As in the photos of the kitchens of the south of France, dare the Mediterranean atmosphere. First, opt for white on the walls and furniture. Prefer a large solid wood table with benches or a white set with a small round table and chairs (decorated with cushions in the Provençal style). A Provençal fresco decorates the credenza. On the color side, play with lavender blue, green, yellow and white . Terracotta tiles will sublimate your Provencal kitchen.

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