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Home tiling is a decisive element in interior decoration. Placed on the floor or on the walls, it has decorative qualities that are obvious. Among the multiple aesthetic aspects that Novoceram offers, each of them is able to reflect the personality of the owner, his tastes, his way of life and his cultural heritage. It is therefore essential to take the time to choose the home tiles that will enhance your interior. In addition, porcelain stoneware tiles have a myriad of advantages, such as, among others, their sturdiness and their resistance to several external factors. Interior home tiling is therefore perfectly suited to every room, from the bathroom to the kitchen, including the bedroom and the living room.

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Porcelain stoneware is defined as the best companion for home cladding. First of all, due to its aesthetic variety, it combines beautifully with multiple styles of decoration. From the most classic to the most contemporary or industrial, each residence is magnified by the sober or more original nature of the house tiles. In addition, the latter have significant strengths when installed indoors, such as resistance to wear or humidity and thus find their place in all rooms of the home. In other words, the technical characteristics and the decorative potential of house stoneware make it considered one of the favorites.

What are the colors and effects of home tiles?

It is essential to choose an interior coating that matches the spirit of your spaces and the advantage of porcelain stoneware tiles is that it reproduces aesthetic effects that satisfy all decorative needs. Indeed, Novoceram uses new technologies to offer ever more efficient home tiles of unparalleled beauty.

First of all, natural materials are a great source of inspiration for Novoceram and home tiles can replicate the characteristics of natural wood and stone, without presenting the constraints. Thus, the surface of the tiles includes even the fine veins, knots and other beautiful imperfections that nature draws on these materials over time. The wood effect tiling softens the atmosphere with its comforting warmth, while the stone effect displays an assumed character and elegantly invades the space.

For those whose decorative tastes lean towards more modern and contemporary styles, there are several possibilities. First of all, to dive into the atmosphere of workshops or lofts, imitation concrete tiling seems to be the perfect solution as a house covering ! Its light scratches and rather neutral colors testify to its industrial identity and therefore go well with industrial or urban interiors. Another effect makes it possible to perfectly highlight a modern decoration, namely the metal effect tiles whose reflections are revealed in a subtle way in the light and enrich the style of the room.

Finally, porcelain stoneware for the home can bring a unique imprint to any environment through its different modern effects. The contemporary design that distinguishes it adorns the rooms of the house with ease. In this way, each of its design aspects evolves in symbiosis with the energy of the room and adapts easily to it. It thus offers a tailor-made and singular result that reflects your personality.

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Beyond the aesthetic effects, it is also important to take into account the color of the interior tiling of the house. On the one hand, light-colored tiles, such as white or ivory, allow natural light to be captured and reflected. For example, beige house tiling brings a certain comfort to your room and easily combines with other materials such as wood or stone for a decor with Scandinavian accents. On the other hand, dark colors such as black or brown define a very particular atmosphere which is distinguished by an impression of power and strong character.

Timeless, gray tiling can also be considered in view of its neutrality. Although it has multiple shades ranging from light gray to anthracite, gray tiles manage to adapt to any decoration because their minimalism contributes to the creation of elegant and sophisticated rooms. Of course, it brings a bit of modernity to more classic environments without distorting the initial style.

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